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How to Invest Your Budget in Order to Back Digital Marketing Success

Stop treating content marketing as a poor relation. Despite recognising online marketing as the source of the majority of their leads, most businesses stilltreat content marketing as if it’s a necessary evil, and not their greatest ally in a crowded marketingspace. This attitude is reflected by the continued investment in [...]

Search Behaviour of IT Buyers Online During the Purchase Process

The Google/TechTarget Behavioural Research Project: Phase 2 Search Behaviour of IT Buyers Online During the Purchase Process Gain Insights to Make Smarter Media and Content Choices Download PDF

Technology Industry Report 2014

When we first published the survey in 2011, 650 technology professionals took part. Last year that number almost doubled to over 1200 and now, in its third year, that number has doubled again to 2628 across the UK. Nearly quadrupling participation over three years is fantastic news and makes this one of the [...]

Omnichannel Marketing Roundup

Omnichannel campaigns are becoming a necessary part of marketing strategy, as the average consumer spends more time each day connected to more devices. Yet many marketers continue to struggle with the challenges of omnichannel efforts, including integrating technologies and data across channels. To help you stay on top of the [...]

How to use social media

Thankfully, the B2B voices decrying social media as an irrelevant passing fad have grown so quiet as to be largely non-existent these days. The initial battle was won, and brands from pretty much every vertical under the sun can point to successes within the social sphere. The fact that so many organisations now [...]