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Supercharge your lead generation campaigns with Argus

Introducing Argus - Kingpin’s own proprietary AI tool, built to understand company engagement and measure purchase intent through machine learning.

Not all leads are born equal. What do all those campaign interactions actually mean? Where do they fit within the buying journey and how do you turn them into real sales opportunities?

Argus answers these questions, using data from all activity running through Kingpin - be it our 278,906 calls, our 50 million internal emails or the 1,332,074 downloads - providing you with a detailed view of your target contacts and accounts, understanding who is engaging with what, where and when.

✔ Companies and individuals are scored based on their content consumption, giving you the opportunity to prioritize sales follow up of the most ‘likely to buy’ prospects.

✔ Accepted data is uploaded to CRM and nurture tracks in real time, eliminating the need for time consuming uploads and cutting down the delays in sales follow up.

✔ User friendly data visualization provides a 360 view of your campaign effectiveness.

For more information about Argus, how it works and how it can help boost your campaign ROI, contact us at enquiries@kingcomms.com

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