Account Based Marketing (ABM) Agency

At Kingpin, we help you position your brand in front of the accounts that matter most to you.

Whether it’s one-to-one or at scale, we’ll help build and activate account-based programs that deliver results for your marketing and sales teams.

Why account-based-marketing (ABM)?

Ideal for B2B, ABM offers a more focused sales and marketing strategy, a better customer experience, an improved sales-marketing relationship, and, of a more streamlined lead strategy.

By cutting down on unnecessary sales introductions you create a more personalized buying experience, increasing the likelihood that a lead will turn into a closed deal. Not only that, but ABM ensures that you’re focusing on the right leads from the start, so time and money isn't wasted chasing leads that are unlikely to convert

Identify & map accounts

Identify target accounts – Define the exact companies you’re aiming for by sector, size and region. Working between marketing and sales, identifying ‘ideal customer profiles’ will help define the messaging and positioning of your ABM strategy. 

Map accounts - Uncovering the challenges and stakeholders of each organization is key to disseminating the right messaging to the right members of the buying team. Understanding how they engage with your brand will help increase relevance.

Targeted and personalized communications

Create message and content - Tailored and personalised through multi-channel communication that best resonates with your audience with relevant messages to their sectors, roles and priorities.

Measure, analyze and optimize - Ensuring relevant metrics and KPIs are in place beyond the original pipeline.  All campaign activity should be messages across accounts and through all touch points. Campaigns can then be scaled up based on what works and what doesn’t.

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