B2B Cross Channel Marketing

Need help with your channel and partner marketing?

Kingpin can help you recruit, profile, grade, manage, measure and engage with your partners – ultimately helping you drive sales through your channel.

Partner recruitment and profiling

Need help in recruiting new channel partners? Using our experience and channel insights we’ll help you to identify relevant resellers and we’ll contact them on your behalf as an independent third party.

Whether you are looking to build a channel from scratch or to restructure an existing one, our partner research, profiling and mapping of key target markets and competitors will help you understand which channel partners will provide you with the best route-to-market.

Measurement & management

Recruiting partners and activating a channel strategy is one thing, but how do you measure its success? Do you know which partners are performing well, and which are struggling with sales?

We’ll help you measure which partners are delivering as well as understanding how and why. This allows us to produce effective follow-up strategies that streamline your channel strategy.

Awareness & engagement

We’ll help build your profile in the channel through targeted, multi-channel campaigns.

Whether it’s through event sponsorship, webinars, whitepapers, display, social, telemarketing, print, email or a combination, we’ll raise interest in your brand and build awareness of your products and services and their benefits.

Lead generation

Need help generating marketing qualified leads for your partners?

We can deliver a full-service channel lead generation strategy, supporting your channel pipeline by generating through-the-funnel, high-quality, actionable and GDPR/CASL compliant sales leads for your partners.

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