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Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent time and money on lead generation, only to find you’re still getting poor quality leads?

Not to worry, Kingpin are here to help build your pipeline and increase sales with high-quality, actionable GDPR/CASL-compliant leads.

Dive deeper, reach further

Going beyond traditional lead generation techniques, our specialist customer acquisition service is based on data insight and delivers high quality, targeted and qualified leads that will help you maximize your conversion rate and increase sales.

We’ll get to know your audience, enabling us to truly understand their buying journey. We are then able to place your brand in the right environment, at the right time and with the right message to maximize conversion.

Tried and true

We’ve honed our skills over 21 years in the industry, resulting in our tried and tested programs that consistently deliver above and beyond your business targets.

Focusing on prospect to lead conversion rates and sales qualified lead generation, we provide valuable, vetted sales and conversion opportunities with a genuine interest in your brand. You can then turn these leads into converting customers.

We’ll help you exceed your business targets through an efficient, effective and measurable sales pipeline.

An end-to-end lead nurturing service

Our end to end lead generation service nurtures prospective leads to ensure they don’t disappear through the pipeline. Transparent metrics are a must, with our analytics providing real, measurable results that you can understand and implement.

We’ll help you hone your marketing campaigns, optimize every potential lead, scale up your success and plan and drive your acquisition strategy – both long and short term.

We guarantee that all leads we generate for you are fully GDPR/CASL compliant, so there’s no need to worry about data protection issues and the risk of those hefty fines.

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