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Forget the telesales horror stories of the past - our specialist B2B telemarketing service will deliver valuable contacts and leads that are ready to convert.
This is a next generation of telemarketing that delivers real life conversations with your audience.

It’s all in the power of a simple ‘hello’.

The power of conversation

We love to keep it traditional in telemarketing - we believe that talking to someone has much more of an impact than even the most advanced app. Intelligent communication is a must - the human touch works like nothing else for successful telemarketing.

With our team of audience outreach specialists, we understand how and when to speak to It professionals and technology decision makers, whether it’s part of a lead-follow up, demand generation or market research project.

Audience research & profiling

There’s no better way of understanding your audience than to talk to them directly.

We’ll work with you to develop a series of questions that we know will lead to actionable insights. With years of experience, we know how to build conversation and encourage honest and detailed answers.

We’ll profile your audience, helping you understand their challenges, needs, budgets, timelines and more.

Telemarketing can be used to build a layer of extra insights on top of existing research or alongside quantitative surveys.

Demand generation and lead optimization

Using our tried and tested telephone based ‘Lead Engine’, our experienced in-house telemarketing team will help you to discover sales-ready contacts ready for your closing contact call - whether you’re looking for profiled prospects or volume demand generation.

We’ll optimize through proven lead generation techniques, helping to identify valuable opportunities and actionable conversion opportunities for your sales teams.

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