Search Marketing

Combining technical know-how and content expertise, effective search marketing is a fine art, honed to provide maximum visibility
from search engines to position you in front of your target audience and increase the visibility of your brand.

Search audit

Our in-house team of search experts can help you with keyword research, gathering relevant, industry search data and analyze it to build and apply a keyword model tailored to your website.

This is designed to ensure each, and every page of your site ranks well in SERPs, positioning you higher up the search rankings and making your site easier to find, generating you more traffic.

Onsite and offsite content strategy

Key to the success of any search marketing activity is a comprehensive content strategy. In order improve search performance, content must:

  • Align with search demand
    • Your content needs to meet search demand for optimal marketing performance, enabling you to convert more sales.
  • Deliver inbound links from relevant websites
    • Search engines are on a data-finding mission to suss out your authority, checking text, documents and any other content that you have on your website. They also take a look at your website’s meta data and whether other sites are linking to your website. Search engines see good-quality links as votes of popularity. The more links back to your website you have from trustworthy sites, the more authoritative your content becomes.

Driving social to help SEO

Interactions on social media platforms are essential for growing your business as these likes, shares, posts and pins leverage the power of large scale, global engagement.

Rather than just attracting a large following, you need the right people to follow you - your potential customers.

Social media is also a must to contain to engage your customers post-purchase, continuing a branded dialogue that may drive future conversions.

Optimizing website engagement

Engagement is the life-blood of building a brand.

Search engines monitor the engagement metrics of website content to help determine rankings, meaning proven SEO methods are essential to increase engagement - a must for your long-term strategy.

Kingpin will provide you with an ongoing monthly service that will help you successfully  implement each and every action, growing your business, driving profits and making sure that you have the edge over your competition.

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