Social Marketing

Social media is a key tool for any B2B marketer.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN or the next new big name, we’ll help you optimize your social activity to help deliver on your marketing goals.

Social audit and threading

To make an impact, your social media strategy needs to engage the right audience.

Our social media audits analyze who your audiences are, what they are talking about and on what sites in order to build a strategy to drive optimum user engagement.

We’ll analyze, listening and contribute to social media feeds, based around specific topics by subject leaders serving your target audience

Amplification, engagement and measurement

Amplification - utilizing targeting tactics around competitors, subjects and events to increase visibility and engagement of key branded messaging

Engagement - generating traffic through CPC and CPE activities on social platforms utilizing demographic and contextual targeting

Measurement and attribution - there’s no point in running a campaign if you’re not tracking its effectiveness. That’s why we use a variety of tools to make sure all social activity is tracked, analyzed and combined with other campaign activities

Advanced targeting

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent platforms for precision targeting, helping improve campaign performance.

We can help you target:

  • Key accounts - social media is an excellent way to precisely target your campaigns to key accounts within specific social environments
  • Existing databases - we can upload your existing data to target current and prospect clients
  • Influencers - tailoring your campaigns to key decision makers and visible industry influencers as well as look-a-likes and followers
  • Web visitors - targeting users who have previously visited your website through unique web tagging, capitalizing on engagement to increase campaign effectiveness

When done well, social can be a highly effective tool to help grow your brand, drive engagement and traffic and nurture users through your sales and marketing pipeline.

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